Big Cass Interrupts MizTV, Runs Down Daniel Bryan in Epic Fashion

After a couple of years of build, Daniel Bryan and The Miz were set to finally go face to face in a WWE ring again. This time, the possibility of the two actually facing off in a wrestling match made the interaction so much more enticing.

It could be argued that the Bryan/Miz story has been one of the best built feuds in WWE, despite the fact that the pair would have never met in a wrestling match until a few weeks when Bryan was cleared.

Miz opened this week's SmackDown Live with a MizTV segment, noting it was his return to the program following last week's Superstar Shakeup. After opening the segment by building up the fact that he will be facing Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe at Greatest Royal Rumble in a ladder match for the Intercontinental title.

That lasted all of about two minutes before Miz got to what everyone was anticipating: Daniel Bryan. The WWE mobile app promoted the fact that Bryan and Miz would go face to face about 30 minutes before the show went on the air.

Prior to Bryan's entrance, The Miz spoke about their history but mentioned he no longer has any ill will toward Bryan. He explained this by saying when he looked into his newborn daughter's eyes, he knew he had to be a better man. That let him get a dig in at Bryan, saying he's surprised Bryan doesn't feel the same way, wondering if that means he and his daughter don't have the same kind of bond.

When Miz finally called out Bryan, out came Big Cass instead. He said nobody cares about Daniel Bryan and announced that he (Cass) would be the guest instead. Cass talked about how hard he worked to come back from his injury, only to have Bryan cleared on the very same day to steal all his thunder.

Miz reacted by saying he didn't need Cass's help with Bryan, leading to an argument and tense face-off between the two. That is, until Miz said this isn't about them it's about Daniel Bryan, which Cass agreed with. He ran down Bryan's appearance, saying he's just an every day man who looks like he should be laying tile in a bathroom.

Cass went off on a tanget talking about how he used to be the small guy, like Bryan, but then he grew. He said after he grew, he went back and kicked the crap out of everyone that used to pick on him when he was small, noting he deserved to get picked on when he was small. Cass said Bryan reminds him of himself before he grew to be 7 feet tall. He talked about how he made it to WWE without having to go to the indies, Japan, or Europe.


When Cass walked off, a camera backstage showed Bryan laid out and clutching shoulder as official called for medical assistance.

The segment was very good, showing remarkable improvement on the microphone from Cass in comparison with his performances prior to his ACL injury. Not that he was bad on the microphone then (he wasn't), but this was really great stuff. Anyone that wasn't happy with a potential Cass/Bryan feud needs to watch this segment and rethink their position.