Brie Bella Makes Heartfelt Post in Light of Daniel Bryan's Comeback

It's only been a few hours, but the news of Daniel Bryan's medical clearance by WWE has the wrestling world blasting a cathartic song. But no one is more exuberant than his wife, Brie Bella.

Ever since Bryan's premature retirement in 2016, Brie has been vocal in sharing his quest to return to the ring. However, she doesn't have to sell us anymore, instead, she can just join the celebration.

And she did with this Instagram post:

"From the moment they told him No, he was on a mission to turn that no into a YES. I can't wait for you all to hear his journey to this moment...his dedication, his mission, and his passion. My daughter is lucky to have a Daddy who never gives up and who's truly an amazing role model. I love you @bryanldanielson so happy that you're back at the place you love, your home away from home...the squared circle. #YesYesYes#WWE #Wrestling #AmericanDragon," she wrote.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 6.39.59 PM

There's no telling when WWE finally cleared Bryan to make his return, but the former WWE Champion has been hard at work since 2016 to prove he's able to compete.

Here's a snippet from's official statement:

Following more than two years of extensive evaluations, four-time World Champion Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to return to in-ring competition by leading neurosurgeons, neurologists and concussion experts, including Dr. Robert Cantu, Dr. Javier Cárdenas and Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher.

Bryan underwent a full review of his medical history and received comprehensive neurological and physical evaluations independent of WWE. He was cleared by each doctor as well as WWE's Medical Director, Dr. Joseph Maroon.

Bryan's quest to return has been responsible for its own rumor mill with myths ranging from him winning the 2018 Royal Rumble to joining Cody Rhodes on the independent circuit.


However, it looks like the speculation will reach a new high as we try to figure exactly what WWE will do with the current SmackDown GM. If we had to guess, Bryan will find his way into the rivalry between Shane McMahon, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens.