Daniel Bryan Gives Big Cass Brutal Beatdown on SmackDown Live

The Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass feud shifted into high gear Tuesday night during WWE SmackDown.

The opening segment of the show featured Bryan and Cass in the ring together. Prior to Cass coming out, it was just Bryan and Renee Young. bryan addressed the London crowd about the fact that he lost out on a chance to be in next month's Money in the Bank match by losing to Rusev on last week's show.

However, he also mentioned that now that he's back, it's not just enough to be back: he wants to be the WWE champion. This was the first time he said that since being back, which was good to see.

Bryan said that he's ready to scratch and claw and do whatever it takes to become champion once again. This brought out Big Cass, who gloated on the microphone about how he will always be around to ruin Bryan's life from this point forward. He said that Bryan should have stayed retired to become a stay at home dad and let Brie wear the pants in the family.

At this point, Cass was down in the ring with Bryan, ad it didn't take long for Bryan to fire off some shots and get the better of the seven footer.

What followed was a brutal beat down at the hands of Bryan. He took Cass all over the ring, to the outside corner ring post, and then back into the ring once again working over Cass' leg. Officials had to pry Bryan from Cass.

So it looks pretty clear at this point that Bryan versus Cass will continue as a feud for the forseeable future. This isn't a bad thing as Bryan has really helped to elevate Cass' game.


It's been reported for quite a long time that WWE is very high on Big Cass, and since coming back from his knee injury, Cass has been the best that he has ever been in the WWE. He's really elevated his microphone work, and who better to be across the ring from to elevate your ring work than Daniel Bryan?