Stephanie McMahon Talks Conor McGregor to WWE

It's well known that MMA's Conor McGregor is a lifelong wrestling fan. However, would he ever be able to successfully crossover and become a WWE star?

That was a question asked of Stephanie McMahon recently during an interview with The Mirror. On the possibility of MMA's biggest draw trying his hand in the wrestling world, McMahon was quite complimentary of the Irish star.

"I think Conor would be a perfect fit with WWE," McMahon said. "He certainly has the personality and the athletic ability, the appeal. He speaks his mind, he's very genuine and authentic and he has a hell of a Vince McMahon swagger."

There's a long history of MMA stars crossing over into pro wrestling. Go back to the 1990s and observe that Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn, the two biggest UFC stars of that era, crossed into professional wrestling and had success. Shamrock in particular was a big draw with WWE for several years.

In more recent times, Ronda Rousey appears headed to WWE and has also been a lifelong fan of the business. Her pending ring debut with WWE appears to be one of the biggest moments on the immediate horizon for WWE.

McGregor would be a huge signing if WWE were to work out some type of story to get him involved in the company. He's previously tried to bring some attention to himself through the wrestling world by calling out several professional wrestlers, including John Cena.

McGregor is of course coming off one of the biggest drawing PPVs of all time. His recent boxing match against Floyd Mayweather saw McGregor excel far beyond anyone's wildest dreams in his first-ever professional boxing fight.

While a future with WWE wouldn't offer McGregor anywhere close to the kind of money he made on PPV with McGregor, it would allow him to fulfil a lifelong dream of competing with WWE. There are some dreams where money isn't a factor, and there's no doubt McGregor has made a good chunk of change already.


Should McGregor decide to try his hand with WWE, we would all be winners. He is one of the most charismatic athletes in the world today, and it sounds like has one of WWE's biggest voices behind him in Stephanie McMahon. Triple H has also previously spoken highly of him. With that kind of endorsement, all Conor has to do is say the words and we could have a major story on our hands.