Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks Look to Change the Wrestling Business

What's there to do after conquering the wrestling scene, the merchandising scene, and YouTube? Get into live event promoting, that's what.

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) are reportedly looking into promoting their very own wrestling event in an arena that seats at least 10,000 people. An eye-popping crowd size to be sure, but something that may actually be in reach for some of the most popular non-WWE performers in the country.

An exclusive report filed to Pro Wrestling Sheet confirmed exactly what it is that the the group was scouting for when they posted the following picture on Twitter a little over a week ago.

Notice the hashtag #ROH10000. The group is hoping to co-promote the event with Ring of Honor Wrestling, which makes sense since the Young Bucks and Rhodes have exclusive deals with ROH when it comes to North America.

The report notes that the event is being called "All In" as of right now and is being self-financed by the Jacksons and Rhodes. Apparently the cities being considered to host the show are Chicago, London, San Francisco, and Ontario (California).

If ROH becomes involved, this would end up being by far the biggest selling ROH show in history. This past October, ROH drew one of their largest crowds ever in Chicago, with that show selling out before any matches were announced simply due to Kenny Omega's involvement. It shows that there is definitely a demand out there for this kind of wrestling show, and drawing 10,000 fans doesn't seem impossible if held in a big time wrestling market like Chicago that has the infrastructure to handle lots of fans traveling in as well (read: O'Hare Airport).


It would also seem likely that Omega would be involved on this prospective show given it is being promoted by his Bullet Club partners, though nothing is confirmed at this stage.

The show will likely be announced very soon, and it's pretty inspiring to see these men going out on a limb to do something they believe in. Anytime people can succeed to this kind of a level outside of the WWE, it's a good thing for the wrestling business all around.