CM Punk to Meet with Dana White over UFC Future

After a decisive loss in his UFC debut back in 2016, it looked like CM Punk was at a career crossroads. While wrestling fans thought his poor showing would ultimately lead him back to wrestling, Punk may be attempting to double-down on his UFC career.

Adam Hill, an MMA writer, snagged a recent quote from UFC President, Dana White concerning the former WWE Superstar. While Punk's return to the octagon is still considered to be speculative, it sounds like White is at least willing to entertain the idea of the 5-time WWE Champion competing in his company.

Last fall at UFC 203, the 39-year old Punk suffered a one-sided loss to Micky Gall. Punk submitted to a rear-naked choke at the 2:14 mark in the opening round. Expectations for the bout were never high and most got the performance they imagined.

Punk has maintained a relatively low profile since his loss but apparently trying to make one more UFC match happen. It's hard to fault the Chicago native as he genuinely seems to be pursuing a personal dream. However, there isn't a professional wrestling fan who doesn't wish he'd come back to WWE.


Punk and the Stamford, CN based wrestling conglomerate's relationship has been icy since his departure in 2014. Allegations have turned into lawsuits and it feels as if the two sides are nowhere near putting their guns back into their holsters.

However, we still can't release the hope that Punk makes a prodigal return to WWE.