Chris Jericho Reveals Who Came Up With The List

Chris Jericho's latest run in the WWE was one of the most popular of his career. During his year plus return to the WWE he managed to introduced a slew of new catch phrases into the WWE lexicon. Among them, were 'Stupid Idiot', 'It' and the infamous 'You Just Made The List'.

Jericho recently joined Rock 100.5's Bailey And Southside to discuss his latest run and during the interview Y2J revealed exactly who came up with The List.

"Working with this guys who's a writer in the WWE named Jimmy Jacobs. He used to be a [pro] wrestler. He came up to me one day and said, 'what if we do something where you put somebody on this list?' I'm like, 'I knew this guy once who had a list of people he didn't like.' I'm like, 'oh, that sounds funny.' So I said it and it kind of got a reaction." Jericho said, "the whole concept of The List went through the roof. The List is more popular than 85% of the guys on the show. The List is more popular than I am! And you just never know what's going to make an impression with fans."

As for his 'Stupid Idiot' chant, Jericho says Vince McMahon told him that he was the only one would could've made it work.

"They're chanting it now, 'stupid idiot' and I remember when I started saying that, Vince was like, 'nobody could say this, nobody can get away with this, but you can. You're the only guy in the world who could do this' because when I started using 'stupid idiot,' it got heat. I would call the fans, 'you're a stupid idiots' and they'd be like, 'boo!' and then, like everything else, suddenly people loved it."

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In a recent interview with UpRoxx, Jericho said that despite all of his catch phrases resonating with the WWE Universe, he knew it was time to leave.

"I left the WWE this year at the exact right time. A week longer or a week shorter would not have worked. But the ending was exactly where it should have been and any longer than that would not have been good. And trust me, I know. Fans were like, "No, no, no." Trust me, I know how it works."

"I knew that it was time to go because you get to a certain level, then you turn baby face, and then that's where you start having problems, because with the baby face you either win the title and you're John Cena, or you start going down through the ranks. And that wouldn't work for me, for this character, with the Jericho character. I've always been better as a heel. That's my wheelhouse."

"And then people start liking you, so you switch, but then it's only a short amount of time when that stuff that they loved you doing as a heel, that they love as a baby … "It's just a parody of himself." And I don't want to deal with that shit. I don't want to deal with the hardcore fans and stuff like that. I had fun with it, I knew it was time to go. I have people saying, "When are you coming back to wrestling?" It's been 3 weeks."

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