Did Charlotte Issue a Challenge to Ronda Rousey?

The possibility of Ronda Rousey entering a WWE ring continues to be one of the most enticing rumors in professional wrestling.

Though her involvement in the women's Royal Rumble next month seems to be unlikely due to a scheduling conflict with a movie she will be filming, it still seems likely that the former UFC champion will debut for the WWE at some point in 2018.

One person who will be waiting on her is Charlotte Flair. One of the top performers in the WWE, Charlotte issued what sounded like a challenge to Rousey when asked by the Sporting News about the prospect of the former MMA champion entering the wrestling world.

"What’s exciting about Ronda being a part of WWE is all the different eyes that she attracts towards the women’s division as a whole. I think that’s what cool: Ronda is an attraction. Any buzz that puts the women on a different or a higher level, I’m all for. She’s a star that would be a crossover star into our world and that’s exciting. That goes to show how far the women have come, that someone like Ronda Rousey wants to be a part of something that all the women have collectively built."

“My message to Ronda would be she knows where to find me,” Flair finished. “I’m on Smackdown Live every Tuesday.”

A potential match between Charlotte and Rousey would be a dream scenario. Just imagine it headlining WrestleMania for the WWE RAW women's title. It's not a stretch to think that this could happen, and with Ronda gaining more and more experience in the ring training in recent months, we could be seeing this match before too long. In fact, it's not unrealistic to think it could happen as soon as 2018. As they say, you might as well strike while the iron is hot.

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