Latest on Health of Charlotte Flair

Last week saw Charlotte Flair earn herself not one, but two surgeries. How will being double booked for the operating room affect her near WWE future?

Just days after news broke of Charlotte needed a procedure to repair a ruptured implant, she lost a few teeth in a match with Carmella during WWE's European tour. Charlotte his since fixed her teeth, but the remaining cosmetic surgery still has yet to happen—giving us reason to believe her appearance at June 17's Money in the Bank was in question.

However, after Nia Jax and Ronda Rousey made their MITB match official, Flair tweeted a message that lets us all know she'll be ready for the show.

"When I win that #MITB contract," is the most important phrase within Charlotte's tweet. It sounds like Flair is confident she'll be ready for MITB. However, WWE has yet to shed any light on Charlotte's pending operation, but apparently, they have been aware of the injury for some time.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter says that the injury predates WrestleMania. Not wanting to miss her massive match with Asuka, Flair postponed the surgery. Things were delayed again when WWE wanted Flair to be available for her Backlash match with Carmella. Then per The Observer, Flair pushed back the operation again so she could participate in WWE's European tour.

Flair reportedly tried to hide the injury, but that didn't keep her from participating in an ESPN: The Body photo shoot. Apparently, she and ESPN were able to work around the issue.

Flair officially qualified for the second annual women's MITB ladder match after pinning Peyton Royce on Tuesday's episode of SmackDown. As it stands, Flair and RAW newcomer Ember Moon, and Alexa Bliss have punched their tickets for the briefcase bonanza.


If Flair is indeed a go for MITB, she can be considered a favorite to nab the suspended briefcase. Her record in pay-per-view events is nearly impeccable and WWE may not be able to resist padding her resume by adding a MITB victory to her name.

However, a bonafide star like Charlotte may not need a briefcase to justify Championship opportunities. Charlotte is already considered to be the greatest female wrestler of all time and MITB could be used better to boost a fledgling star. That was the principle WWE applied last year at least when James Ellsworth Carmella became the first ever Ms. Money in the Bank.