Why WWE Had to Put Cesaro's Singles Push on Ice

Not long ago, Cesaro was universally viewed as the most underrated WWE Superstar. While that still may be the case, the Swiss Superman has proven to be an elite tag team artist and his recent success may have earned him new opportunities. However, they may never come to fruition.

According to Sports Illustrated, Cesaro is in line for a singles push once he and Sheamus end their run as a tag team - but that could never happen. Sheamus is currently battling spinal stenosis, which is the same condition that ended the careers of Steve Austin and Edge. As part of a tag team, Sheamus can better protect himself as he only has to do 50% of the work, hence prolonging his career. With this in mind, WWE officials have balked at the idea of splitting the European duo.

This comes at quite the Catch-22 for Cesaro as he's proven himself worthy of bigger opportunities, but can't leave his buddy behind. Having just turned 37, there is a sense of urgency regarding Cesaro's future that isn't as pronounced as say, Seth Rollins. In short, if Cesaro is to climb up WWE's card as a solo artist, it needs to happen in 2018.

Now that The Bar have lost their RAW Tag Team Titles, a definitive separation could come as soon as next week. However, if WWE is indeed conflicted about how to position both Cesaro and Sheamus as singles stars, they could conceivably wait until after WrestleMania to make a decision.

For Cesaro, a firm push may be long overdue. His devout fans would tell you about the tragedy he's endured as being one of WWE's forgotten. However, early in his WWE career, Cesaro infamously fell flat as a singles performer with Paul Heyman as his acting advocate. This shortcoming is likely still fresh in WWE's mind and officials may be hesitant to reboot Cesaro as a singles star.


This is probably the first of several shows regard Cesaro and Sheamus potential break up. We'll keep you posted on further developments.