Cesaro Murders a Beach Ball at SummerSlam

Despite months of careful story telling and meticulous planning, the best match at SummerSlam was [...]

Despite months of careful story telling and meticulous planning, the best match at SummerSlam was Cesaro vs. a Beach Ball. OK, the Fatal 4-Way was pretty good, but Cesaro's hardcore match with an inanimate object was utterly entertaining.

During Cesaro and Sheamus' RAW Tag Team Championship match with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, the jocular Brooklyn crowd thought it was an opportune time to volley a beach ball around the Barclays Center. While the beach ball is only brought out by the rowdiest of crowds, it's mostly a sign of disrespect to the guys and gals working in the WWE ring. So, instead of giving a nod to a security guard, Cesaro took matters into his own hands. Literally.

In the middle of the action, Cesaro hopped the guardrail and snatched the floating beach ball. In the next second, the Swiss Superman had ripped it apart. And the crowd loved it.

The cheers for Cesaro served as a Top 5 loudest moment for SummerSlam. When it happened live, it looked Cesaro was playing hero to squash an unruly fan or even worse some kind of threat. Luckily, the moment could not have been more harmless, unless you're a beach ball, of course.

Cesaro hopped on Twitter to explain his reasoning behind the spontaneous violence:

Sadly for Cesaro, the beach ball massacre was the best moment for he and Sheamus as they would go on to lose their Titles to the red hot Ambrose and Rollins. It's believe that Sheamus is off to film a movie which means thar Cesaro may once again be flying solo.

For Ambrose and Rollins, they couldn't be soaring higher. The former Shield brother can now be officially considered reunited as they now hold some WWE gold together. Their story has been on of WWE's best as it's been nearly 3 years in the making. From here all signs point to a long run with the Tag Titles that will likely only stop when one of them turns on the other.

Keep an eye out for that moment, and in particular watch Dean Ambrose. He's yet to have a run as a heel in WWE and ia due some character depth.