Proof That Cody Rhodes and the Bullet Club Have Started a Movement

Bullet Club Cody Rhodes
(Photo: WWE)

While the majority of wrestling fans have been hypnotized by WWE's Shield reunion and the injection of Triple H and Kurt Angle, they may have missed the most significant grassroots surge since Daniel Bryan's YES! movement.

The Bullet Club, a faction made up of independent wrestling mercenaries, looks have demonstrably penetrated pop culture. Lead by Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega the Bullet Club sold over 400,000 of their t-shirts in the last 4 months.

One Hour Tees, the company responsible for the production and facilitation of the Bullet Club merchandise posted the figure after a writer on Twitter questioned the number of sales being generated.

The Bullet Club and One Hour Tees have an exclusive agreement with Hot Topic, and according to the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, were lead the stores in sales over Thanksgiving weekend. Needless to say, the Bullet Club is beginning to command attention.

This marks the second big story fo the week for Rhodes and the Young Bucks. The trio of grapplers are reportedly looking into promoting their very own wrestling event in an arena that seats at least 10,000 people. An eye-popping crowd size to be sure, but something that may actually be in reach for some of the most popular non-WWE performers in the country.

An exclusive report filed to Pro Wrestling Sheet confirmed exactly what it is that the group was scouting for when they posted the following picture on Twitter a little over a week ago.

The group is hoping to co-promote the event with Ring of Honor Wrestling, which makes sense since the Young Bucks and Rhodes have exclusive deals with ROH when it comes to North America. The report notes that the event is being called "All In" as of right now and is being self-financed by the Jacksons and Rhodes. Apparently, the cities being considered to host the show are Chicago, London, San Francisco, and Ontario (California).


Don't look now, but the Bullet Club is creeping into the mainstream spotlight.