Spoiler for When Brock Lesnar Will Return to RAW

After Brock Lesnar pinned AJ Styles at their Survivor Series exhibition match, we all knew that the Beast Incarnate would be clocking out of his WWE duties for an extended period of time. Lesnar can't stay at home with Sable and his cows forever, though, and his return date has officially been announced.

According to a tweet from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI, Brock Lesnar will be at their December 18th RAW show. This would be the Monday following SmackDown's pay-per-view, Clash of Champions.

The RAW in question would officially mark the beginning of Royal Rumble season as WWE would be fresh out of pay-per-view for 2017. At this moment, WWE doesn't seem to have a modicum of a plan for Lesnar for the January event, but we can guess that his return would spark some sort of progress.

Until recently it was widely believed that Finn Balor would be Lesnar's Royal Rumble opponent. However, multiple reports have killed that rumor and claim that Vince McMahon doesn't believe that the Irishman is main event caliber. These stories got back to Balor, who, in his best attempts to bottle Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement, posted a series of tweets in defiance. However, if last night's RAW is any indicator, WWE still looks like they're undecided on Balor and his main event future.


A few other names like Jason Jordan and John Cena are logical dancing partners for Lesnar and his Universal Championship, but with 2 months still to go before the event WWE is in no rush to make any decisions.

There's still plenty of room between now and Lesnar's December 18th return, too. If we had to guess, WWE will keep a keen eye on who is making the best impression with the fans and let that dictate the direction they chose. No matter who he faces at the Rumble, Lesnar will be winning, likely in a decisive manner. Essentially, WWE will be hosting open tryouts for a public sacrifice - should be fun!