Paul Heyman Mocks WWE After Brock Lesnar Press Release

The tension between Brock Lesnar and WWE continues to escalate as Paul Heyman just took his own jab at Vince McMahon and Co.

On Tuesday Morning, WWE released a statement regarding Brock Lesnar’s choice to skip RAW on Monday night. Since Brock isn’t one for public relations, it was Paul Heyman who fired back at WWE shortly after their official press release went public.

All of a sudden, we have quite the triple threat brewing. In one corner, stands an apparently rogue Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. In another, there’s Roman Reigns, who has become an advocate for himself, WWE’s locker room, and the WWE Universe. And then there’s WWE itself who operates as the institutional power who will make the final decision when things reach a tipping point.

A lot of the internet is confused by this situation as they all ask the same question: is this real or is this fake?

Well, the shortest answer is that this is fake. Report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that WWE is doing their best to make this feel like a real situation - one where Brock does whatever he wants, channeling the negative perception fans already have about him and his uber-part time schedule.

Not only will WWE continue to make Brock look apathetic about Roman Reigns, the Universal Championship, WrestleMania and professional wrestling as a whole, but it appears they will continue to push the “Brock only cares about UFC” narrative that Roman Reigns open up last night.

All of this is in the name of making Roman Reigns look like a biblical hero. His promo from RAW was the perfect indication of how this feud will play out as we move to WrestleMania. As the only candidate that can usurp the gluttonous reign of Brock Lesnar, WWE fans will have no choice but to get behind The Big Dog.

This is all one big plan to ensure the roof of the Superdome blows off when Reigns pins Lesnar at WrestleMania 34.

While there’s no guarantee WWE can make this happen (Reigns will always have his detractors) it appears that Vince McMahon and Co. have devised a masterful plan to the get fans to hate Lesnar and love Roman.


If WWE can pull this off, it ill is nothing short of brilliant.

So in the coming weeks, look for these motifs to be bolstered. Reigns will become a man of the people, while Lesnar and Heyman will disrespect everything and everyone they can. The diabolical duo is set to appear on the March 12th episode of RAW.