Brie Bella Already Planning Return to the WWE

It's only been a couple weeks since Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan welcomed their newborn baby [...]

It's only been a couple weeks since Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan welcomed their newborn baby daughter Birdie into the world, and already both superstar parents have their sights set on returning to action in the WWE.

In a recent video update on her health, the Total Divas star revealed she's been given the green light to start her journey back to the ring.

"Now I'm just going to kind of take you guys on the journey of myself getting back in shape, getting my abs back, and hopefully getting back in shape to get back in that ring someday soon. Maybe not very soon but definitely soon."

Expect more videos and social media posts documenting her progress, a likely arc to be featured in future seasons of their hit reality show spin-off Total Bellas.

Meanwhile, Bella husband Daniel Bryan has previously addressed his desire to return to wrestling, whether as part of the WWE or when his contract with the company expires.

As of right now, the WWE will not clear Bryan to wrestle another match in a WWE ring. It's hard to imagine that changing anytime in the next 18 months, considering the his condition. It's also hard to believe Bryan, the Smackdown GM, would be threatening to wrestle for another promotion with both he and his spouse's commitments to WWE, but don't rule anything out for the determined former indie darling.

As he explained in a WrestleMania weekend interview with Inside the Ropes, "It all depends on how I feel my health is and how my wife feels my health is... If we feel like my health is good, I live to wrestle and I'm gonna go wrestle. If we think at that point that it's not good, then we'll see what happens."

It sounds like the couple better be on the lookout for a good babysitter. Good thing Mick Foley's got a lot of time on his hands! More likely, Birdie's Aunt Nikki and uncle John Cena will get their share of baby practice in front of the cameras, lending some Full House-style plotlines to the next season of Total Bellas.

Photo Credit: WWE