WWE Hall of Famer Knows How to Get CM Punk Back in Wrestling

CM Punk may be preparing for his second fight with the UFC, but one WWE Hall of Famer thinks you will see Punk back in the wrestling world before too long.

Booker T, a 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee and current WWE broadcaster, spoke about Punk on a recent edition of his podcast (Heated Conversations). When discussing Punk's fight at UFC 225 against Mike Jackson, Booker broached the topic of Punk returning to wrestling.

“I think he’ll be at All In. I think if he loses this fight, he’ll be at All In, with the Young Bucks [and] Cody Rhodes, making his way back to the pro wrestling world. I really think CM Punk [misses] the wrestling world. I just think he had a bad taste in his mouth, but he can get it back.”

Should Punk decide that there is money on the table (there is) and a career still left for him in wrestling (again, there is), All In would be the perfect opportunity for him to transition back to wrestling.

All In, the wrestling event being promoted by the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, takes place in suburban Chicago in September. Of course, Chicago is Punk's hometown. The event's 10,000 tickets sold out in under 30 minutes, and the entire weekend is shaping up to be quite the fan-centric experience, complete with a convention/fan fest and a wrestling podcast festival of sorts.

Pro Wrestling Tees, the popular t-shirt website that many of the top non-WWE wrestlers and promotions around the world use to supply their merchandise, will be holding several big autograph signings during All In weekend. Punk has already committed to appearing at the store for a special signing during the weekend, prompting all kinds of speculation about whether he will be involved with the show itself.

There's nothing that will contractually prevent Punk from appearing at the event on September 1st, so this is going to be a common rumor now for the next couple of months. As Booker T said, the result of his fight at UFC 225 could provide a major clue on the next phase of Punk's life. A win could catapult his fledgling MMA career, while another devastating loss could perhaps force him to reconsider his future plans.

Either way, the fact that the name CM Punk still draws so much interest in 2018 shows the kind of drawing power one of WWE's most successful former stars still provides. He hasn't appeared at a pro wrestling event since his exit from WWE in 2014, and outside of his one UFC bout in 2016, he has kept an incredibly low profile.


Fans continue to clamor for Punk to return to their television screens. That will happen for sure in a couple weeks at UFC. After that? We'll just have to wait and see.

[H/T to Wrestling Inc.]