Big Changes Coming for WWE's 205 Live in 2018

Doubters of 205 Live will have to put their negative forecasts aside for a while as WWE just recommitted itself to the Cruiserweight show.

In a report from PWInsider, WWE is planning not only to keep 205 Live living but to give the show actual tour dates. This means that 205 Live will have stand-alone live events, not unlike NXT and their schedule. WWE will target smaller venues across the northeast for 205 Live's conservative tour.

The current plan is for the Cruiserweight show to pick one weekend a month where they put on 2-3 live events. Set to begin in early 2018, here are the first 3 dates for the 205 Live Tour:

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 – Kingston, RI – The Ryan Center

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 – Lowell, MA – Lowell Auditorium

Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018 – Poughkeepsie, NY – Mid Hudson Civic Center

All too recently the Cruiserweight show looked like it may be on WWE's chopping block. News broke that WWE and Facebook were planning to host a show on Facebook Live that would air after SmackDown, 205 Live's current home. With their territory threatened it appeared that WWE could toss the entire Cruiserweight experiment in the trash but today's news kills that notion.

With such a limited schedule, it's clear that WWE is not finished running diagnostics on the show. However, a poor showing on their limited tour could cast an ominous cloud on 205 Live.


Yet, the Superstars within 205 Live have garnered some momentum as of late. With Enzo Amore atop the division, the show not only has a remarkable character but an exceptional bad guy. Even more, the arrival of NXT hero, Hideo Itami could prove to be a fruitful addition to the roster.

The Cruiserweights most certainly have a spot in WWE, but it still looks like the company and the wrestlers themselves are trying to carve out a permanent identity for 205 Live.