Enzo Amore Reacts to WWE Releasing Big Cass

Tuesday's news of WWE's decision to release Big Cass has the wrestling world a little more talkative than usual. And one of the chief mouths of the community has just weighed in.

Enzo Amore, Cass' former partner, and fellow former WWE Superstar just posted a tweet that is open to interpretation.


With the contextual limitations of Twitter, it's impossible to know if Amore is antagonizing Cass or is genuinely checking in on his old teammate. Knowing Amore, this is a loaded message.

Enzo's reaction comes on the heels of an interview with the Store Horseman Podcast where the former Cruiserweight Champion revealed that he still holds a grudge against Cass.

Amore cited he and Cass' street fight during an episode of RAW last Summer. The match was a culmination of sorts and was supposed to be the blow off for their feud. However, Cass tore his ACL in the middle of the contest and was forced to leave the ring. Enzo took grievance then with Cass' exit and still appears to hold the same opinion.

"Triple H tore his quad and sat in a sharpshooter. Stone Cold took a piledriver and was paralyzed, [and he did] the ugliest schoolboy in the history of the business. I've been picked up and thrown down the ramp. I have a sciatica issue," said Amore.

To Enzo, Cass limping away cost both men an opportunity to shine.

"Then we get backstage and you know people talk. If I'm Vince McMahon, am I going to invest? You have a WrestleMania main event. We expect you to go out there and have a half hour to forty-five-minute match and you tear your ACL in the first five minutes. They have to know you're going to stick it out."

As fate has it, both men are out of WWE—just two years after their main roster debut. Enzo was fired in light os sexual assault allegation. However, those accusations were tossed out by Arizona police, seemingly opening a path for Amore's return to WWE. But Amore's backstage reputation may have made his firing all too easy and regardless of his innocence WWE simply may not want him around.


Cass' exit, while not in such speedy circumstances, is just as surprising. He too had controversy around his name, but it appeared WWE still favored the big man. Even more, his recent performance at Money in the Bank was by far his best showing in WWE. Yet, he, like Enzo, is gone.