Big Cass Reportedly in Trouble with Vince McMahon, WWE Officials

To underline his villainous ways, Big Cass attacked a little person during the SmackDown before his Backlash match with Daniel Bryan. While that was part of WWE's plan, Cass apparently went off script and it may have cost him dearly.

ProWrestlingSheet reports that Cass was only supposed to deliver a big boot to his shorter counterpart. However, Cass elected to add a flurry of punches and slaps to his co-worker's face. This extra aggression is believed to be Cass acting unilaterally.

Per the report, Cass fought backstage for the extra dose of physicality but was denied. Unsatisfied, Cass reportedly took his plea to Vince McMahon who also shot down the idea.

Cass went on to lose, rather anticlimactically, to Bryan just a few days later and did not appear on this week's episode of SmackDown. His absence fueled rumors that something had happened backstage and ProWrestlingSheet looks to confirm that.


The gratuitous beatdown is absent from WWE's official YouTube clip, but thanks to ProWrestlingSheet we have the footage:

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