Big Cass' Injury Causes Big Change for SmackDown This Week

Last week's SmackDown saw Daniel Bryan score hundreds of damage points on Big Cass' knee. And that concentrated attack will now cost Cass a shot a Money in the Bank.

Originally, we were supposed to see Big Cass vs. Samoa Joe this Tuesday, However SmackDown GM Paige, just announced that match will be replaced by Daniel Bryan vs. Jeff Hardy due to Cass' injury. The winner will meet Samoa Joe in a MITB qualifier next week.

Before we go further, we must clarify that Cass' injury is part of a storyline. We're painfully aware of this because, over the weekend, Cass pulled up lame during a WWE Live Event. Naturally, we thought this big man was hurt and immediately ran a story. However, Dave Meltzer pointed out that Cass has been "injuring" his knee every night that week and even went on to use the same charade the following night.

Here's a look a the footage:


So, in the snowglobe that is WWE storytelling, yes, Big Cass is "hurt." However, this looks like he'll find a way to return to favor to Daniel Bryan, likely costing him his match against Samoa Joe next week.

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