X-Pac Dishes on Big Cass Backstage Drama

Butting heads with Vince McMahon may be a right of passage in WWE. But completely ignoring WWE's [...]

Butting heads with Vince McMahon may be a right of passage in WWE. But completely ignoring WWE's boss may be the fastest way to go from prospect to jobber.

This is the current story of Big Cass.

Despite being overruled by Vince McMahon, Big Cass made a unilateral decision to go off-script in SmackDown segment earlier this month. That choice has reportedly landed Cass in hot water with WWE officials, and his blatant disregard for chain of command may have altered his career.

X-Pac, no stranger to pushing WWE's boundaries, discussed exactly how foolish Cass' choice was on his podcast.

"We have a saying in the [pro wrestling] industry, and it's not just in our industry. It's better to say sorry than ask for permission," said Waltman. "But if you're gonna go with that approach, you can't go ahead and ask for permission and then get told no. And it seems like that's the case here, and that's just absolutely f—ing insane," he said.

The backstory to all of this comes from Cass' segment with a miniature Daniel Bryan. Word is that Cass wanted to inflict extra punishment on the little person when their skit was finished. He reportedly asked WWE officials, and Vince McMahon, for permission to do this. However, he was denied. But despite the stop signs, Cass gratuitously attacked his co-star.

In the week's that have passed, Cass lost—in anticlimactic fashion—to Daniel Bryan at Backlash. Then Cass was absent from the following episode of SmackDown. And because bad things come in threes, Cas saw his Money in the Bank qualifying match against Samoa Joe revoked due to an "injury" he suffered at the hands of Bryan.

"Look. A lot of us have gone against the grain and done things that the company doesn't like, but we never really went and asked for permission, but specifically told no, and then went and did it anyway on live TV. So, I understand if you feel the need, you wanna go out there and get over, but man," said X-Pac.

It's impossible to know exactly where Cass stands in the wake of all of this. however, by opportunities vanishing, it appears that WWE has swung their gavel with authority. X-Pac went onto say that a Superstar "can be in the doghouse so long, [WWE can] forget what you're in there for."

But Cass may be able to avoid a permanent demotion. As it stands, Daniel Bryan will face Samoa Joe for the last sport in the Miney in the Bank ladder match. There's reasonable room to expect Cass to get involved, costing Bryna the match and adding a chapter to their feud.

So while Cass is probably serving a light sentence for his transgression, he's still in line to mix it up with one of the biggest names in WWE.