Watch: Bayley Suffers Embarrassing Botch on RAW

Because WWE Superstars execute at such a high level, anytime they miss a step we can't help but notice. But in Bayley's case on this week's episode of RAW, she missed her entire target.

During her match with Ruby Riott, Bayley was set up for a between-the-ropes dropkick outside of the ring. At minimum, it was supposed to take out Riott. At maximum, the whole Riott Squad. Instead, Bayley diving assault came up about two feet short.

Maybe Bayley missed her jump, maybe Riott stepped forward, regardless, this was a swing and a miss. Bayley did try to save the moment by opting for a scissoring attack of sorts, which did get her and Riott on track. However, thanks to the watchful eye of social mead, we'll have this footage forever.

Unfortunately for Baley, Monday was a tough night's work. On top of her botch, she was subjected to the magic marker hazing of the Riott quad. At this rate, WWE may pave her path to SummerSlam with wedgies and swirlies.

It appears that we'll be getting a heavy dose of Riott vs. Bayley in the coming weeks. However, it appears these wrestlers are trending in opposite directions.


Earlier this week, news broke asserting WWE was building Riott for a future Championship opportunity. This is hardly a surprise as she's been on of RAw's most consistent workers since WrestleMania.

Bayley, on the other hand, will need a strong performance in this story to make sure she stays on TV. Without question Bayley is talented, but WWE can't find any use for her other than teasing a rivalry with Sasha Banks. Considering she was RAW Women's champion just a year ago, it's been a rough 2018 for The Hugger.