Baron Corbin Calls out Maryse in Promo Then Feels the Miz's Wrath

Even though Baron Corbin and The Miz are on different shows it looks like they'll be having no trouble hating one another.

After SmackDown put RAW #UnderSiege last week, Baron Corbin thought he'd give his Survivor Series opponent a verbal dose of medicine. The United States Champion posted the following video just minutes after SmackDown's invasion.

Predictably, Corbin's mentioning of Maryse, the Miz's newly pregnant wife, drew out a response from the Intercontinental Champion. However, Corbin wasn't ready for this type of heat. Actually, I don't think we were either.

Despite being edited out, the Miz's F-Bomb still had quite the impact. With WWE being so PG conscious, a bleeped out F*@# is a stark abandonment of family-friendly content. However with the Miz's retort coming from Twitter, maybe WWE won't be so scrutinizing.

Originally, a no-stakes match between Corbin and the Miz didn't seem too exciting. However, in 2 impromptu promos from their cars, the Miz and Corbin have officially garnered intrigue for their Survivor Series match.

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This will be a feud to keep an eye on as it presents some interesting psychology. Since both Superstars are heels, it would seem like zero-sum game While the Miz is better it is a heel than Corbin, the Lone Wold may be the more natural heel. Because of Corbin's innate ability to turn people off, fans will likely adopt the Miz as the programs interim babyface.


Regardless of good and bad, this feud is just beginning. If we're getting obscenities in the first week, what will Survivor Series look like?