Backstage News On The Undertaker's Future After WrestleMania

It's been speculated for a while now that the Undertaker has truly taken his last ride in the WWE and will be retiring after this year's WrestleMania. Taker, who recently turned 52, was seen to be in great pain after this year's Royal Rumble event and was reportedly "not very happy" due to the level of pain he was in.

At this year's WrestleMania, he is set to face off against WWE's Big Dog Roman Reigns and it could be more than just a match between two of the company's big men, but the match where Taker could be sent off to pasture. The story between the two started at the Rumble where Reigns eliminated Taker (who was soon eliminated himself) but it's only really picked up momentum the following couple of weeks on Raw.

So what is the WWE planning on doing? Well, while nothing is final of course, WWE executives could be facing with the reality of the company's longest-running employee finally retiring and the match against Reigns will indeed be his last. If that's the case, there's no doubt that it should be the last match to go on and allow Mark Calloway, the man who has played the Undertaker for almost 30 years the respect and the spotlight one more time.

It has the potential to be the most emotional story of the night with Reigns, win or lose, retiring Taker and claiming the "yard" as his own, solidifying his position as the company's top big man.

Sure, fans might find that idea preposterous to an extent, but it has the right angle as a passing of the torch moment that could give the rub that Reigns is so desperately needing. That being said, if the Phenom is able to come back for "one more match" it needs to be against the likes of Cena or Sting to fulfill that ultimate case of fantasy warfare.


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