Nia Jax Spits on Alexa Bliss' New Tattoo

Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have had a tumultuous 2018. On camera, their friendship has morphed into a nasty rivalry but things remained stable in their real-life relationship. Or at least, they used to be.

Last week, Bliss revealed a new tattoo—a phrase written in white ink on her ribs reading "I am enough." This appears to be an attribution to Bliss' struggles with self-image, specifically a harrowing battle with anorexia.

However, none of that means much to Nia Jax.

"For someone that doesn't care what anyone thinks it's weird they have to go out and get a tattoo that says they're enough," she said.

Jax has already drawn heat from outraged Twitter folks, but this is the way kayfabe works in 2018. Regardless of how nefarious Jax's intentions were' this is simply good fodder.

Things have gotten personal between these two before. During their WrestleMania 34 build-up, it was Bliss who bashed Jax for being overweight and unintelligent. Jax got the better laugh when she pinned Bliss to become RAw Women's Champion in the Superdome, however, two months later Bliss has already reclaimed her title.

Just 90 minutes after becoming Ms. Money in the Bank, Bliss bombarded her way into Jax and Ronda Rousey's title match. A few wallops to each competitor with her briefcase and Bliss was once again a WWE Champion.

The day before her MITB jackpot, Bliss made an Instagram post dedicated to her new ink.

"Still red and swollen ... but this one means SOOOO much to me ... " I am enough," she wrote.

alexa bliss wwe new tattoo

Not long ago Jax and Bliss were both on and off screen best friends. However, WrestleMania season would bring the worst out of BLiss as she began to target Nia's weight had other big match in New Orleans. Jax got the last laugh by winner her firsrt ever WWE Championship at th Superdome.

While Alexa's nasty wrods offcially spllit their firend shit, Ezno Amore recnet reviealed that the plan was for the women to be enemies by 'Mania.

Before being fired by the company, Amore was "dating" Jax. But just revealed the long-term plan for thier story.

In an interview with the Store Horseman Podcast, the former Cruiserweight champion spilled on the unrealized chapters of he and Jax's love story. Citing conversations with Vince McMahon, Enzo shared the set-up for his dirty romantic trick.

"He didn't want me full-blown. He had plans to make me full-blown [heel] that nobody else knew about, not even the other people that were involved in it," he said.

Before Enzo and Jax were an item, Alexa Bliss and Jax were on-camera best friends. But per Enzo, McMahon's plan was to drive a wedge between the female superstars using a secretive relationship between Bliss and Enzo.

"I'm using Nia as a heater to keep my title and I get caught hooking up with her best friend backstage. Bang, that's how you do it. Nia didn't know that. Alexa didn't know it. I knew that because Vince told me," said Amore.

We actually spoke to Jax in May about this very storyline and Amore's claims that only he and McMahon knew the finish appears to be true.

"Honestly, I had no idea where that was going," she said. "Week to week, I would find out. 'We're doing this. OK, cool,' I'd find out a couple hours before the show, 'You're going to be doing this with Enzo, and this is going to happen.'"


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