Watch: Aiden English Tells Crowd He's Rusev's 'New Lana'

One of the first rules of a new regime is to delete all traces of the old administration. Well, Aiden English is rapidly punching the "backspace" key on Rusev and Lana.

WWE is currently on a South American tour and during a pitstop Lima, Peru, the locals trolled Rusev and English by chanting for Lana. However, as Rusev's new on-screen partner, the opera singing English needed to set the record straight with the vocal crowd.

Naturally, the fine folks of Lima primarily speak Spanish. Being the refined gentleman he is, Aiden barked he was the "Nuevo Lana" which simply translates to "New Lana."

What that actually looks like, is between English and Rusev, but regardless of the inner workings of their relationship, they've been fun to watch. While both men are technically heels, they are slowly endearing themselves to WWE audience. Rusev, no stranger to charisma, has even carved out a battle cry that has begun to take hold: #RusevDay.

We'll see where there are in a few months time, but English and Rusev appear to possess a trajectory that will lead to them accruing a devout cult following. For Rusev, a rise to prominence is long overdue as not only is he one of WWE's better in-ring performers but one of their most consistently entertaining personalities.