WWE Being Careful With Drew McIntyre Main Event Push

It certainly appears that Drew McIntyre is set for a massive second act in WWE. However, how a WWE Superstar is pushed is a delicate process, and WWE is keenly aware of how "too much, too soon" can damage a wrestler.

In the name of strategy, WWE looks to have chosen a slow, but steady burn for Drew McIntyre's ascension. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio discussed the current strategy.

"I think that their mentality on him right now is they see a lot of potential there, but they are trying to slowly make him into a star as opposed to rushing him into stardom," he said.

As we all know, a poorly executed push can have an adverse effect—Roman Reigns being the easiest example. However, Reigns' conquest was foreshadowed, so fans were able to protest The Big Dog before WWE even strapped their rockets to his back. Now that the word is getting out about McIntyre's upcoming advancement it will be interesting to see how fans treat him.

"I think he could handle that. He's a really good wrestler. For him, I think that they want to have him in a position where he's squashing a lot of people before he gets the big feud and works with whoever," said Meltzer.

This comes on the heels of a report from WrestleVotes that asserted Vince McMahon himself is smitten with McIntyre.

"Texting With A Source: heard that since his return to Monday Night Raw last month, Vince has been very high on Drew McIntyre. Triple H also heavily involved in Drew. Pairing w/ Ziggler is for the time being, but could turn into something big down the line. #TWAS"

For now, it looks like McIntyre and Ziggler will stay together, but it's worth noting they've already teased a split. A run with RAW's Tag Team Championships seems possible, perhaps at SummerSlam. However, by Survivor Series, WWE may be ready to launch.

Depending on which part of the internet you visit, some folks are already picking McIntyre as a future Universal Champion. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is one of them.

"[Drew] McIntyre looks great. He sounds great, he’s in great condition, he’s just getting better and better. He’s a big-time player. I could see, very easily, Drew McIntyre being a Universal or WWE Champion down the road.


Without a doubt, it’s a lay-up. Trust me on this one," said Ross on his podcast.

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