Wrestler Lights Himself on Fire During Match in Philippines

Independent wrestler James "Idol" Martinez took things just a little too far during his mach at the Wrevolution X event in the Philippines on Saturday.

During a match for Philippine Wrestling Revolution, Martinez doused himself in lighter fluid and set himself on fire before diving onto his opponent outside the ring.

Check out the footage from the match below (h/t to Pro Wrestling Sheet and Reddit).

The spot wound up having a number of issues. For starters Martinez only partially hit his opponent and hit the floor face-first.

The fire also didn't go out as initially planned, burning his skin as he ran backstage trying to put it out.

He eventually made his way back out to the ring with burns marks all over his body.

Reddit user TranquiloBro shed some light on the situation, saying Martinez has been a problem for the promotion in the past.

"... He is the reason why the company got banned from the venue for (two) years because he jumped from the second floor," he wrote. "This was their comeback show to the venue. They('re) probably going to get banned again because of this."

Fans who saw the video on Twitter were quite alarmed.

"Prospective and future wrestlers. You don't have to set yourself on fire to have a good match or get over. Just FYI," one fan wrote.

"I was there in person and it was f—ing horrible," a fan who was in attendance wrote. "No one caught the guy who set himself on fire because the other wrestlers and the young boys/girls were too shocked with what happened, like no one anticipated it to happen."


"I have never seen a spot in which a wrestler pours himself with gasoline and lights himself on fire for a dive from the top rope to the outside hahaha a lot of things could've gone wrong but controversy creates cash i guess haha," a fan wrote, channeling the famous line from Eric Bischoff.

According to Twitter user Michael Bueza, Martinez was "okay" after the match.