Jeff Hardy Appears to Suffer Injury in SmackDown Dark Match

It looks like Jeff Hardy may have sustained a knee injury in an untelevised match against The Miz.

Fans on Twitter noticed that Hardy began limping during his entrance and carried the awkward gait for the remainder of the match.

We're certainly not doctors but Hardy's mobility looks to be significantly hampered. It's worth noting that Hardy did finish the match, admirably with a Swanton Bomb.

Social media is the only evidence we have at the moment, but apparently, a WWE doctor did check on Hardy after the match. WWE has yet to comment on Hardy's status.

The 40-year old Hardy had just returned from rotator cuff surgery after missing nine months. In his brief return, WWE made Hardy US Champion and sent him to SmackDown Live for singles stardom, But for now, that movement seems to be on pause.

If Hardy is set to miss time, it would one of the more unfortunate developments of the 2018 WWE season. Hardy opened up about the struggles of his recovery forces following the shoulder surgery


“It’s depressing,” Hardy told “More than any time in a career, it’s those times that make you go, ‘Wow, I love professional wrestling.’ It sucks that I can’t be involved in [a] match or can’t get in there and do what I normally do because I’m injured, but I just have to get over that, stop worrying about it and look forward and push myself to get repaired and healed and come back better than ever with a brand-new shoulder."

We'll keep you updated on the status of this current injury.