Conor McGregor Released After Posting $50,000 Bail

UFC fighter Conor McGregor was released from police custody on Friday after being arraigned on charges from Thursday's bus attack.

A New York judge listed McGregor's charges as three misdemeanor counts of assault and one count of felony criminal mischief. The bail was set at $50,000, which McGregor paid. He was also granted the freedom to return to his native country of Ireland, as the judge did not revoke his passport. A court date has been set for June 14.

For those who missed it, McGregor crashed the UFC 223 press event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Thursday along with his entourage. He made his way to the backstage area and attempted to throw a metal barricade and a garbage can at a bus full of UFC fighters competing on Saturday's pay-per-view card. He was initially stopped from throwing anything, but managed to run to the other side and shatter one of the bus windows by throwing a moving dolly.

Two UFC fighters — Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, were injured during the attack and had to be pulled from their respective fights. McGregor was instructed by the judge to stay away from both fighters. TMZ reports Chiesa met with authorities twice on Thursday and eventually filed a report against McGregor.

McGregor was captured on video both smashing the window and fleeing the scene afterwards. ESPN reports that he attacked the bus in an attempt to get his hands on Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian lightweight fighter had reportedly cornered one of McGregor's teammates, Artem Lobov, at a hotel along with his fight team on Wednesday.

UFC President Dana White said on ESPN's Get Up! on Friday morning that he had no intentions of helping the former two-division world champion with his current legal situation.

"Normally, yes, I would dive right in and do everything in my power to help one of my guys. But not in this situation," White said. "He came into the Barclays Center, attacked our fighters and attacked my staff with a bunch of guys. No, you don't get my help on this one."

White also doused any potential speculation that McGregor's actions were some type of pre-planned publicity stunt.


"This is the last stunt on Earth that we'd ever pull," White said. "This is embarrassing for the sport and obviously for the UFC. This is the furthest thing from a stunt. This is bad."

McGregor has not fought for the UFC since late 2016.