Did Braun Strowman Just Reveal His WrestleMania Partner?

With a WrestleMania event that is always full of surprises on the horizon, one of them is scheduled to be the reveal of Braun Strowman's partner for the WWE RAW tag team championship match.

Strowman has been teasing a partner reveal on television reveal in recent weeks, this week going so far as to tease the unveiling, only to come out himself dressed in a disguise. Well, if you call phony glasses and a shirt much of a disguise.

Tuesday, Strowman took to his Instagram page to make an interesting post that has been making the rounds on social media.

This has caused some to speculate that Strowman could be choosing Wyatt as his partner at WrestleMania. Honestly, that's probably reading a little bit too much into the post. Would Strowman really give it away that easy?

Probably not, though Wyatt has been one of the names floated as a possible partner for Strowman at WrestleMania. The allegiance would make sense, with the pair's history as part of the Wyatt Family. Since that time, Strowman has come miles as a performer and Wyatt's character has floundered. It's currently being reported that Wyatt could be in the midst of a character makeover, and an alliance with his former protege could make sense.


Other names floated as possible partners include Elias and Samoa Joe. Though the duo have been rivals in recent weeks, Elias has been one of the fastest rising stars on the RAW roster and doesn't have a major role on the WrestleMania card. And who could doubt the impact that the duo could have when combining their musical instruments: the stand-up bass and guitar.

Samoa Joe is an intriguing possibility. Joe looks to be ready to return any day now, so what better time to return than the biggest show of the year? And given Joe's reputation as a brawler and unstoppable force, he and Strowman have an awful lot in common.