Jeff Hardy Done With Physical Therapy

Jeff Hardy has made plenty of headlines as of late, but, none of them were good. However, the 40-year old WWE Superstar just shared some great news.

Before the storm of Hardy’s DWI, the only stories he was responsible for surrounded his comeback from surgery. And according to Hardy’s Instagram account, that trial is complete.

"ThankYou @PSurgical1946 physical therapy dept! . . !My shoulder is no longer O B S O L E T E!:)!" he wrote.

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Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff has kept Hardy sidelined since October. However, his estimated recovery time was between 6-9 months—and April marks month number seven.

It certainly feels as if Jeff will be back very soon, perhaps even before April 8th’s WrestleMania. His brother, Woken Matt Hardy, just booked a Final Deletion with Bray Wyatt and that may be the perfect place for Jeff to reappear.

Like his eccentric brother, Jeff also has an alter ego that resides in the Woken Universe: Brother Nero. Given that Hardy and WWE have the rights to all of the Woken intellectual property, and rumors indicating WWE intend to use him as Nero, we can safely assume that Jeff will align with bizarre, yet popular brother.

He may be walking into a fruitful gig, too. Matt has fought vehemently to build momentum for his Woken character and WWE rewarded him with an Elimination Chamber victory over Bray Wyatt. And now, Matt is set for an Ultimate Deletion Match with Bray and that will air on the next episode of RAW.

The Ultimate Deletion was filmed the same day Jeff was arrested for the DWI. Even more, Jeff was confirmed to be on set. We don't know what his exact involvement was, but at minimum, he had one hell of a tailgate.


We’ll keep you updated on Jeff’s status but look for him to return to RAW in the next few weeks.

Photo: Jeff Hardy/Instagram