Rob Gronkowski to WWE Grumblings Get a Little Louder

If you adored the Bash Brothers from D2: The Mighty Ducks, then you’ll be pleased to know that WWE’s version of Fulton Reed and Dean Portman may be on the verge of manifesting.

Rob Gronkowski has more WWE cameos than he does Super Bowl rings, and apparently, that gap will only widen. While there’s still a ways to go before he reaches Ronda Rousey’s level, his pal and prospective Bash Brother, Mojo Rawley, is quite confident we’ll see more of Gronk in the ring. He said the following via Wrestling Inc.

"In my opinion and a lot of others, he's the greatest tight end to ever play the game," said Rawley. "You take all those assets and just raw abilities that you have and you bring that here, it's kind of a recipe for success one way or another. He has a lot on his plate right now. Whether an appearance here in the WWE again comes at WrestleMania, or whether it comes to a WrestleMania five years from now, I'm sure at some point you're going to see him in a ring again."

Before we make Gronk and Mojo RAW Tag Team Champions it’s important to remember that Gronk is still a New England Patriot. However, those day’s may be numbered.

A report surfaced prior to Superbowl LII claiming Gronk was considering an exit from football and those rumors have perpetuated in the weeks following the Patriot's loss. However, if Gronk did retire, he’d leave $10 million on the table, a number WWE won’t get close to approaching.

A story like this is hardly a coincidence as Gronkowski and WWE seem to have an open relationship. WrestleMania 33 saw Gronk actually participate in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal where he helped his real-life close friend, Mojo Rawley actually win the match. Most notably, Gronk's involvement hinged upon his thwarting of Jinder Mahal, — a moment the Modern Day Maharaja has hardly forgotten.

After the Patriot's Super Bowl loss, Mahal wasted no time in twisting the knife in Gronk's fresh wound.

Few things in life are guaranteed, but if Rob Gronkowski does indeed join WWE, he and Jinder Mahal will most certainly have a scuffle or two.


For now, this idea should be considered speculative. However, if Gronk does indeed retire, consider our ears officially perked.

Photo: CBS Sports