Ronda Rousey Reflects on Elimination Chamber Madness

In WWE, staged contract signings always end in chaos. And Ronda Rousey’s was no exception.

We knew WWE would begin to plant WrestleMania seeds for Rousey at Sunday’s Elimination Chamber, but even the most hopeful of fans had to be pleasantly surprised with the dramatic episode that ensued.

Just as Rousy, Triple H, Stephanie Mcmahon and Kurt Angle all to their place in the ring, it was Angle who began to rock the boat. As Triple and Stephanie showered Rousey with compliments, their disingenuous tone push Angle to the edge and the RAW GM had to speak up. He revealed that Triple and Stephanie had been nasty behind closed doors when discussing Rousey, and that notion was enough to turn the former UFC Champion into the aggressor.

Rousey would go on to plant Triple H through a table — a moment that melted the Las Vegas crowd. Stephanie McMahon would hit Rousey with a patented slap, that appeared to awaken something terrifying within Rousey. When they meet at WrestleMania, Rousey will happily dismantle her.

However, despite looking like a serial killer when her segment ended, Rousey had a calmer perspective when reflecting on a crazy night.

"Finally signed to @WWE ... the night definitely could have gone smoother though...." she wrote.

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WWE will book Ronda Rousey to the moon. This is hardly a novel concept as WWE tends to do this when they get a bankable star. But Rousey is a rare commodity that promises even rarer profits. Her opportunities and accomplishments will be infinite and according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, much of Rousey's triumphs will hinge upon Stephanie McMahon. As one of the best heels in the company, Steph is the perfect, if not the only, option WWE has to get Rousey a favorable standing with their audience. Their chemistry will play a big part in the future of the company


For now, Rousey's WrestleMania expectations lie with Kurt Angle, Triple H, and Steph, It looks like we're all but guaranteed for a mixed tag match, a payoff we've been waiting for since WrestleMania 31.

Photo: WWE/Ronda Rousey/Instagram