Vince McMahon Reportedly Making Preparations for Triple H to Run WWE

With all of the excitement surrounding Vince McMahon's XFL reboot, there's one question that has yet to be fully addressed: Does this mean Vince McMahon will step away from WWE? And as of right now the answer to that puzzle is: probably.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Vince McMahon is aware that his quest to exhume the XFL will dilute his ability to be the watchful czar of WWE. And per WON's story, Vince McMahon is already making preparations to hand over his wrestling monopoly to Triple H. This means that in the build-up to the XFL's relaunch, Triple H will continue to amass power behind WWE's curtains.

This regime change is well underway, too. WON asserts that Triple H is already assembling his team and the recent signing of Impact Wrestling's Jeremy Borash is the easiest example of this. Apparently, this is a trend that will continue as Triple H and WWE will look to acquire some of the best minds in the business to ensure a prosperous future.

It's no secret that Triple H is being groomed to assumed WWE's throne. While NXT is his brainchild, it's the perfect simulator for him to learn how to run a promotion. Even more, news broke on Wednesday that Vince McMahon gave Triple H the creative keys to 205 Live, essentially adding another promotion for his son-in-law to run.

At 72-years old, this is a logical series of choice for Vince McMahon. However, even though TRipl H is getting more responsibility to his plate, don't expect him to be Vince McMahon 2.0. His regime will far less tyrannical, as he'll have his wife and princess of WWE, Stephanie McMahon to share duties with. Even more, Shane McMahon looks like he'll be around for a while, so expect the future chapters of WW to look more like an oligarchy.

Regardless, the next few years should be interesting to watch. It's hard to imagine a WWE without Vince McMahon, but, it's always been an unavoidable fact.