Former WWE Star Makes Surprise Appearance at Impact Wrestling Tapings

A former WWE star made his return to Impact Wrestling at Wednesday night's television tapings in Orlando.

During the event, Brodus Clay (known as Tyrus in Impact) returned to reunite with EC3 (Ethan Carter III) to face Matt Sydal and Johnny Impact.

Tyrus has performed for Impact Wrestling at length in the past. After wrestling with WWE for several years, receiving a decent push alongside his Funkadactyls (which included current WWE star Naomi), he made his exit from the company in 2014. He quickly showed up at Impact Wrestling (TNA/GFW at that time), and performed there fairly regularly until last August.

Tyrus' exit from Impact in August was a bit messy. He noted that the company was not treating him right. He noted said that he was frustrated with the creative direction of his character and the company's inability to work with him. He even said they were treating him "like a second class citizen," so it's a bit surprising to see him back with Impact just five months later.

Either way, Tyrus was always one of the better big man performers during his days with both WWE and Impact, so it's good to see him back on the national scene. Perhaps this time around he will have a little bit more exposure and a chance to shine. Being paired with EC3 could be a good start, as Carter has been mentioned as a possible future signee for WWE. There's no doubt that Impact would hate to lose him, so he will surely be pushed in the main event scene for the foreseeable future.