Update Concerning Paige and Her Latest Injury

Just days after Christmas, Paige suffered an injury scare that put the entire wrestling community on pause. Given that the 25-year old just returned from injury, her being hurt again was an injustice no one was braced for. However it seems the Anti Diva avoided serious injury, but her return is still uncertain.

PWInsider reports that Paige will not be wrestling at Monday's episode of RAW, which may indicate that WWE still is not ready to medically clear her for competition. So, it sounds like we can expect to see her in Memphis tonight, but outside of a promo, her use will be limited.

Even though fans be getting antsy about her return, she does seem to be making progress. After the injury, Paige was removed from WWE events for that weekend. But she did appear at Sunday's show in Cape Girardeau, however, did not wrestle.

It appears that WWE is taking a conservative approach to Paige's recent scare. Seeing that they nearly needed a stretcher to take her backstage after suffering what would later be understood as a "stinger," they have every reason to be hesitant in using her in the ring. Not to mention, they may have big plans for her.

With the Royal Rumble just a few weeks away, Paige is not only an intriguing option to become the first ever female to win a Rumble, but a likely one. Getting and staying healthy will be a top priority for her and WWE. Here's to hoping she makes a sounds recovery in time to compete at the January 28th pay-per-view.