Could Bayley Actually Be Turning Heel?

Bayley and her sunny disposition were supposed to be the female replicant of John Cena. However, due to poor booking and uninspiring moments, Bayley never created that type of magic. Due to her perpetual stall, Bayley may now be attempting something John Cena never did - a heel turn.

According to a report from CageSideSeats not only is a heel turn for Bayley in the works, but it could be happening in the near future.

The villain version of Bayley is a compelling thought as it would be such stark departure of her charitable WWE character. Earlier this year, Bayley actually discussed the possibility of turning heel on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast.

"It breaks my heart even thinking about it! And so, when I do have these ideas, like, I write everything down, ideas, just in case, they want ideas, 'like, okay, we're going to do this,' I have ideas for that," she revealed.

Despite her drafting ideas on a darker version of her character, Bayley admitted that disappointing her younger WWE admirers would feel like a harsh betrayal.

“But even just thinking about that, like one day, I was like, 'Yeah, I'm going to pitch this! I'm going to do it! Like, I want to be a heel!' And then, I went out that night for our match, and I saw maybe five or six girls dressed up like me, and we had met these girls before the show that were just in tears meeting us," she explained. "I was like, 'okay, no, I can't-do it! I can't turn my back on them. I don't know what would happen,'" pondered Bayley.

While Bayley's turn to WWE dark side would certainly be drastic, it may be just as necessary. Bayley's WWE character has had a rough go this year. After enduring injuries, bad promos, and uncompetitive matches, Bayley went from pure babyface to pure apathy.

In some WWE cities, fans have actually turned on Bayley, most notably Toronto booed Bayley as she gave an interview while in a sling. Being an injured babyface is almost ideal psychology for WWE to build goodwill towards a Superstar. However, Bayley's arch has been so poor that even an injury has reached the point of diminishing returns. It's become a peculiar situation but one thing is clear: Bayley has an uphill battle.

However, WWE and Bayley already have an ideal foundation for her switching side. Bayley and Sasha Banks are all too friendly on and off WWE camera's and eviscerating that relationship with violence would be enough to kickstart Bayley's run as a heel.

WWE may have an opportunity with Bad Bayley. Let' hope this one happens.