John Cena Says He'll 'Never' Retire From WWE

If you thought John Cena was getting ready to make a full-blown move to Hollywood, you would be mistaken.

The 16-time WWE world champion was recently asked by TMZ if he planned to move on from WWE, and his answer in reply was telling. He said that he would never leave WWE because they're "family."

To be true, this is a similar mindset that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has had in recent years. No matter how high his star has climbed since moving on to Hollywood in the early 2000's, Johnson always comes back to WWE and stays in touch with the profession. After all, it's in his family lineage.

Cena is much the same way, as his dad is a wrestling promoter and John has been a fan his entire life. With the success that Johnson (and now Dave Bautista) has had in Hollywood coming from WWE, movie and entertainment executives have been wanting to pluck the next big star away from the wrestling world. The word has been out on Cena for a while now, but he's really started excelling in his opportunities in recent years. John has come a long way since The Marine.

So what is next for Cena in the WWE? Following his clean loss to Roman Reigns at No Mercy, you can expect for him to be away for a while. He's recently been seen with Nikki Bella as she has been competing on Dancing With The Stars.

The next show that Cena is booked on for WWE is the Survivor Series on November 19 in Houston, Texas. He is rumored to be facing Bray Wyatt at the show, though that is certainly still up in the air. Cena is not booked on any RAW or SmackDown shows leading up to the event as of yet, but we're pretty sure that will change over the next couple of weeks.

As far as WrestleMania in the spring goes, Cena will surely be part of that card. With the match against Roman Reigns having already happened, there's been other rumors for Cena's direction for WrestleMania. A dream match with The Undertaker seems to be the most requested match, though the Undertaker remains retired and that seems unlikely at best.