Stephanie McMahon Comments on WWE's Offer to Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has been the proverbial carrot dangled in front of the WWE fanbase. Despite a plethora of rumors and even and an altercation with Charlotte Flair, there's been little substance to the former UFC Champion in WWE.

So what gives? TMZ Sports caught Stephanie McMahon in the airport and asked if Rousey's offer to become a WWE Superstar is still on the table.

"Absolutely," she affirmed. "Ronda, the offer still stands, we'd love to have you in WWE."

TMZ fired off a question about Stephanie possibly stepping into the ring with Rousey.

"Anything is possible," said a coy Stephanie.

Rousey's potential WWE career has other prospective opponents talking too. Charlotte Flair spoke with the New York Post about Rousey and former UFC competitors expressing so much interesting in joining WWE.

"I think it is great because whether Ronda or Cyborg wants to be a part of the company, it is still drawing more attention to the women's division as a whole," she said.

Rousey's most perpetual rumor surrounds an MMA vs. WWE Survivor Series match. While Charlotte is excited, she's not taking it too seriously.

"I am a little biased in terms of what it takes to be a WWE superstar and performer for the company. I would look at this as a term 'a gimmick match,' where I wouldn't have an expectation, say me versus Nattie [Natalya] at Hell in a Cell. I wouldn't expect it to be a match like that. They don't have the training that we have. It's just different," explained Charlotte.

If Charlotte is cautiously optimistic, then Sasha Banks is nearly adversarial towards Rousey in WWE. During an appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. The Boss was asked to address the rumors concerning Rousey's potential WWE career.

"I feel like I keep hearing rumblings of that too, which is cool. It's awesome, but we are The Four Horsewomen and they're just fans. Yeah, and if they wanted to fight us, they need to get in the back of the line like everybody else, get a contract, train down at the [WWE] Performance Center, get on NXT, and try to get called up [to the main roster] just like everybody else," she asserted.

Banks would add a final back-handed compliment.

"She's an amazing athlete. She [has] changed the game. She'll never be [on Banks' level in the pro wrestling ring," she said.

The Boss' disposition against Rousey and her comrades is hard to confuse. Banks is not in favor of Rousey popping into WWE and being inserted into WWE's main event. But unfortunately for Banks, that might be exactly what happens.