Nikki Bella Opens up About John Cena's WWE Future

Now that the buzz from No Mercy has begun to fizzle out, it's become clear that John Cena is not retiring. Despite his post-match display at Sunday's show, John Cena will remain with WWE. However, we still do not know what that will look like.

But does his fiance, Nikki Bella?

In an interview with Fox News, Nikki addressed her future husband's future plans in WWE.

"I honestly don't think he'll ever retire. I think he'll do that until his body won't allow him to. I just think, John's become more of a... Not that it's a full time thing, but he has all these other opportunities and sometimes you just need to let your body heal as well," she said.

Much has been made about Cena's literal and metaphorical loss to Roman Reigns. By getting pinned by the Big Dog, did John Cena hand the keys to the company to Reigns?

"What I like is last night [at No Mercy] I really felt like he passed the torch and he's found that one guy, Roman Reigns, that can really do what he does and just like what The Rock did for John and Stone Cold [Steve Austin] did for them and so last night, I think we witnessed the torch being passed on," said Nikki.

Despite the loss, Nikki was all proud of her fiance's performance.

"It's so sad. He lost but I thought the match was one of his best and it's just crazy. He amazes me every time he goes out there," she explained. "You've seen him do it for sixteen years and it never gets old. He tells you a new story every week."

Roman Reigns, while already heavily scrutinized, is going to be under even closer examination for the next several weeks. The fan will be looking to see if-if can actually fill the Cena void, ad if he slips up one, they'll happily reject him. Luckily for Reigns, being denied by fans is part of his character.

We'll see how it plays out, but don't expect Reigns to get involved in any legitimate title picture for the rest of 2017. WWE has his spot reserved for WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. It's far from a secret that WWE wants Reigns/Lesnar the headline the show and Sunday's No Mercy all but guaranteed that showdown.