Hulk Hogan Provides Update on Ric Flair's Condition

The wrestling community can share a collective sigh of relief as it sounds like we can now be cautiously optimistic about Ric Flair's current health struggles.

TMZ Sports reached out to Hulk Hogan for a comment and he provided a relieving update on The Nature Boy.

“Ric is doing better, man. He’s doing very well—better today. Thank you God,” Hogan said.

Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer Radio, was also able to share some details on what Flair's week has been like. Despite overcoming some big hurdles, Flair still sounds to be fighting an uphill battle.

“[Flair] had an external pacemaker put in to help his heart, and the last I heard is that his heart is beating normally, so that is a positive. And he’s on the kidney dialysis. It’s definitely better than it was Monday – Tuesday, when things looked really bad, but it’s still a rough go and it’s going to be a rough go for awhile," Melter said.

"He’s still got an infection…I don’t know what the infection is, I know they did not know before, but they may know now, but I think there’s been a problem as far as giving him antibiotics, because of his weakened condition. So it’s a bad situation," Melter added.

Now that the dust has begun to clear, more details on Flair's ailment and surgery have begun to surface.

It was previously thought that Flair had a blockage in his colon that was causing severe problems, including kidney failure. However, Flair's fiancee, Wendy Barlow, published a first-hand update on the WWE Hall of Famer.

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Charlotte Flair has also helped the wrestling community by explaining her family's situation.

"Hi guys, On behalf of my family and I, we want to THANK everyone for the prayers, texts, calls, and support. Our Dad is a FIGHTER and your continued thoughts and prayers MEAN THE WORLD to us.We will update everyone when we have more information," she wrote in a post.

The wrestling community sent instantaneous love and support to the ailing 16-time champion.

Much of the details concerning Flair's condition are still unknown, but it's a good sign that he made it through surgery.