'Young Rock' Cast Weighs in on Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as a Potential President (Exclusive)

Young Rock Season 3 premieres on NBC Friday, Nov. 4, and fans will see the aftermath of Dwayne Johnson losing the presidential election. In real life, Johnson said he is not planning to run for president, but if he did, he would have his fair share of support. The cast of Young Rock exclusively spoke to PopCulture.com and shared their thoughts on Johnson's chances of being President of the United States. 

"I think the history has shown that anyone can be president of the United States," Stacey Leilua, who plays Ata Johnson, exclusively told PopCulture. "I definitely think that Dwayne would be awesome at it. And like any job, yes, you are the top of the food chain but he would have the most amazing team alongside to help him do everything. So I'm like, yeah sure. Why not? I think he'd be awesome. And also not my country so go for it. You guys do what you want. You guys do what you want."

Ana Tuisila, who plays Lia Maivia, also thinks Johnson would be successful at being president because of what he's done in his life. "Well just look at his own achievements," he said. "Just look at where he's come from and where he is now. And to be named in the Forbes magazine as one of the most successful entrepreneurs with what he's done. And it's not just about financial, it's about the prestige, the reputation. So that all is included in the presidency then why not, good luck."

According to a poll from 2021, 58% of Americans would have liked to see Johnson as the country's next president. And while the WWE legend appreciates the support, he said his top priority is being a father to his three girls. Being President means he would be on the road and doesn't want to miss time with his daughters. 

Johnson could consider being President down the road, and Bradley Constant, who plays Dwayne as a teenager, believes Johnson's love for people is a key quality in being a leader. "His most important thing is being genuine to people and caring for people and doing what's best for people," he said. "And I think anybody that puts people first, puts others first and has a kind heart, and we've had the pleasure of meeting him and he truly is that way. No matter how much success he's had, it has not affected him. And I think that if he decided to run for president, he would do a great job. It's not an easy job, but at least we know we'd have a great man in office. It'd be a great thing."

Adrian Groulx, who plays Dewey in Young Rock, said he would vote for Johnson if he had the opportunity. "I don't have a president because I live in Canada," he said, "but if I were to move to the US, I would definitely want Dwayne Johnson to be my president."