'Yellowstone': Will Rip and Beth Get Married?

Yellowstone is currently between seasons, and fans are spending their time revisiting earlier [...]

Yellowstone is currently between seasons, and fans are spending their time revisiting earlier episodes, which are available on Peacock. There are several questions about the upcoming season, including many focusing on the previously-teased wedding of Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). Many fans want to know if they will still have the ability to exchange vows after the explosive ending to Season 3.

The reason for these questions is that multiple members of the Dutton family became targets of unknown attackers. Gunmen went after Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and John Dutton (Kevin Costner), while another person sent a bomb to Beth's office. The package exploded and immediately created questions about the fan-favorite character's fate.

While the future remains unknown, there were some previous comments about the potential ceremony, as well as Rip's bachelor party. The Bunkhouse Boys — Jefferson White, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards — filmed an episode of their YouTube series Stories From the Bunkhouse and tried to envision both the party and the wedding ceremony. Specifically, how would Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) set up decorations?

"I think that [the bachelor party] would be him just pinning up one ribbon, standing on a stool with the spikes in his mouth," Bohen said. "He would be just so proud of himself." Richards chimed in and said that it would be the same bunkhouse with "one little weird ribbon" before determining that Lloyd would actually use the reins from a horse.

The Bunkhouse Boys also expressed faith that the wedding will happen, but they were less certain about their roles. Richards said that they would not receive an invite while White said that they would be the caterers. They would just show up in white shirts with wrist cuffs and cummerbunds.

Of course, this episode of Stories of the Bunkhouse aired prior to the end of Season 3. The actors knew how the season would end, but they did not hint at any potential deaths or hospital stays for key characters, both of which may be possible. Instead, they spent time trying to determine who would stand next to Beth during the ceremony.

"Who is Beth's maid of honor? Also Lloyd?" White asked. Bohen responded by saying that the character doesn't really have any friends in the show, something that she has mentioned as well. Their best guess is that Beth would go in a different direction and have Kayce be the "bro of honor."

Ultimately, Yellowstone may not actually answer any of these questions. There are so many unknowns following the end of Season 3. Beth may not live, she may stay in a hospital, or she may be perfectly fine. One thing is certain — the fans want these answers as soon as humanly possible.

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