'Yellowstone' Season 4: Academy Award Nominee Joins the Cast

Yellowstone Season 4 finally dropped a teaser trailer to close out the week, targeting an official return to the ranch in November. But also revealed are some of the new cast members joining Kevin Costner and the rest of the Dutton clan. This includes another Oscar-nominee that some might remember.

Jacki Weaver, best known for her Oscar-nominated roles in Animal Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook, is joining the Paramount Network series to cause trouble for Costner's John Dutton.

Weaver will play Caroline Warner, who Deadline describes as "the CEO of Market Equities that is trying to crush the hold that John Dutton has on his sprawling Montana ranch." She'll join Piper Perabo as recurring foils for the series main family, already with a full dance card of enemies.

Season 4 will also see another famous face become a series regular, with Remember the Titans actor Will Patton returning to play Jamie Dutton's biological father, who clearly has eyes on the family business.

The release of the season 4 teaser dropped ahead of a July 4 marathon of the entire series to this point, kicking off at noon Saturday, July 3. The November return isn't confirmed yet, with the teaser only using "fall 2021" as the targeted release date. This could provide a new set of eyes for the series, hopping the back of NFL broadcasts and promotion the series lacked with its past premiere dates.


Season 4 has much to live up to at this point, though. The close to season 3 not only left some changes to the Dutton clan that could continue throughout the series. But it also closed out the season by showing the members of the family under assault. Costner's John was shot, Kayce was attacked by a group of gunmen, and Kelly Reilly's Beth Dutton was faced with a deadly firebomb.

It is possible that Weaver's character is partly behind the attacks in her role with Market Equities, but this isn't a guarantee. Still, that would be quite the way to establish yourself as evil in the series.