'Whose Line Is it Anyway?' Star Colin Mochrie Slams Series Over 'Fair' Pay

Whose Line Is it Anyway? star Colin Mochrie has come out to slam the improv series over "fair" pay. In a new conversation with Vulture, the longtime comedian opened up about the show and how the current season could potentially be the last. He also expressed frustration about the show's pay scale and alleged that the stars were not paid a fair rate for their work.

"There is a complicated relationship with the show," Mochrie told the outlet. "The downside is that we never received fair compensation for the success of the show. We provide the content but don't get paid as writers. We never received residuals for a show that's been shown around the world since its inception. Seeing announcements about the sale to the show overseas or to HBO Max can get irritating."

"I hope I don't sound bitter, because I learned long ago that this business is not fair, and being bitter about it gets you nowhere," he went on to say. "I also find it odd that any publicizing of the show comes through our social media. Every day a tweet shows up: 'You guys should bring that show back!' Every season for the last nine years we've had to remind folks that we are on. So the short answer is, as of now, this is the last season with this cast. The longer, more vague answer is that it's like the Mafia: It keeps pulling us back, so who knows?"

In November, Mochrie took to Twitter to share the news that the show is coming to an end, while also thanking fans for their support. In his post, the improv comedian revealed that Whose Line would film its final season in January. He also expressed hope that fans are "enjoying the current season," and thanked viewers "for all the support over the years."

The post has received a multitude of comments, with one person asking, "You mean final one ever, or just final one with current cast (option for bringing in new people?)" Mochrie replied, "Always an option for a new cast." Someone else tweeted back, "You guys will be missed. Do you or Ryan have anything lined up for the future?" The comedian responded, "We will all be touring in various incarnations and who knows what else." This is likely a reference to the Whose Live Anyway tour that some of the show's cast have been part of over the years.

Notably, Deadline reports that "The CW has said that no final decision has been made on the show," by that is not Mochrie's experience. "Everyone at the show – producers and actors – are calling this the last taping," he told Vulture. "The short answer is that if it comes back, it probably won't be with this cast."