'White Collar' Could Be Revived

Fans of the popular USA television series White Collar could see their favorite characters back on the television screen very soon. In a recent tweet by the series creator Jess Eastin, teases a possible revival. To add to it, lead star Matt Bomer retweeted it with an intriguing pair of emojis, leading fans to question if it'll really happen or not.

"Had a great convo with [Matt Bomer]," the 53-year-old wrote on Wednesday. "We have a plan to bring [White Collar] back." He then added, "So as Mozzie [played by Willie Garson] might say, 'To quote Steve Harvey, 'The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.' It's time to hustle." Bomer then added a tease himself posting two emojis: a face with a monocle and fingers crossed.

White Collar ran for a successful six seasons from 2009 to 2014. Bomer played the role of Neal Caffrey, a white-collar criminal who stepped into an agreement with the FBI in order to save himself and help the feds catch similar offenders. The show made quite an impression on its viewers, so much so, Bomer revealed that to this day, he still gets fans that come up to him on a daily basis who express how much the show meant to them. "I have to tell you, hardly a day goes by where I'm not stopped by somebody who tells me how much the show meant to them and how much they enjoyed it or that they watched it with their family or there's a certain family member they connected with over that show, which means the world to me," he told TVLine in February.

He continued saying that some fans even get frustrated with him in public, accusing the actor of not continuing the show — under the impression that he has creative control — which is simply not the case. "It was such an incredible creative experience, and I'm still in touch with mostly every single member of the cast. We try to get together once a year, and I think we'd all love to continue that story in some way. Sometimes, people get mad at me in public and say, 'Why'd you...?!' and they think that I have some kind of creative control over the whole situation, which I just don't."


Fans have wanted the show to carry on its story for a while now. While it may seem easy to make that happen, Bomer clarified that "there are so many powers that would need to align" in order to bring the show back to life. But now, it seems like they're closer than ever.