'Whiskey Cavalier' Star Lauren Cohan Speaks out to Fans After Shows Cancellation After One Season

Lauren Cohan is thanking fans for their "love and support" following Whiskey Cavalier's cancellation at ABC.

The series star, who previously had a main role on AMC's The Walking Dead, took to Twitter on Sunday to address the cancellation of the action comedy-drama, which had premiered on February 27, 2019.

In her brief statement, Cohan not only thanked the cast and crew, but also the dedicated fans who continued to tune in week-to-week.

Along with Cohan, the David Hemingway-created series also starred Scandal alum Scott Foley and followed the adventures of secret agents Will Chase (Foley) and Frankie Trowbridge (Cohan) as they led a team of the FBI and CIA's sharpest minds on missions across the globe.

Launched by the network late in the season this year, Whiskey Cavalier had long-been predicted for cancellation, as it consistently under-performed in weekly ratings. It's first week earned just a 0.7 live + same day rating among adults ages 18-49. Over the weeks that followed, it saw its ratings decline and settle to a 0.4 among the key demographic. In terms of viewership, its most recent episode landed a total of 2.43 million viewers, down from 2.72 the previous week.

The poor ratings ultimately led the alphabet network to axe the series, the announcement coming via a statement from executive producer Bill Lawrence on Twitter.

"#WhiskeyCavalier is unfortunately over," he wrote. "I actually did have an investment in the show and the people. I'm sad. I'm grateful for the chance."

Although the cancellation has upset many, many more fans are hoping that it opens up Cohan's possible return to The Walking Dead, the popular zombie apocalypse series she left at the beginning of its ninth season. At the time of her departure, it had been heavily teased that they were keeping open the possibility of her return in future seasons.


"I'll say first of all that we've still planned some more story with Maggie, Lauren wants to, it will be a little subject to her schedule but hopefully we have her back next season," showrunner Angela Kang told ComicBook.com. "We have always planned to have this great story with Maggie this season and I think we promised something. We wanted to pay off that promise. We definitely have a very strong Maggie arc."

Currently, it is not known if Cohan will reprise her role on The Walking Dead, as hope is not yet completely lost for Whiskey Cavalier. Although canceled by ABC, it is believed that the series is currently being shopped around to other networks.