Watch: 'Wheel of Fortune' Star Vanna White Was Once a Contestant on 'The Price Is Right'

Long before the world knew Vanna White for changing the letters on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, she was once a contestant on the Price is Right. Clearly, like most young actors trying to establish themselves, White took on a myriad of odd jobs and appearances. Some of her early credits also include a guest spot on an episode of 227, Graduation Day and the role of Devona in the TV movie Midnight Offerings.

In the clip dated June 20, 1980, featuring famed Price is Right host Bob Barker, "When Vanna was invited to come on down, one of them read her T-shirt. It says, 'get serious.' He said, 'I am, I am,'" Barker said, jokingly with big eyes. Unfortunately, White doesn't do too well on the show. She stays a contestant for what seems to be the entire episode without making it onto the stage because she continuously bids too high.

Though her experience on the Barker-led game show didn't yield the most profitable of results, the star would still eventually go on to become one of the biggest household names by landing a spot on one of the most popular Daytime game shows Wheel of Fortune two years later.

White spoke to last month where she teased some of the new guests in the first celebrity specials. "It's exciting, it's fun and the celebrities are winning tons of money for their favorite charities," White said of the new show. She also said there will be no difference as far as how the game is played. "We play the game the same way," she told TV Insider in December "It is a happy place," White said recently about the Wheel atmosphere. "Anybody that tunes in, you can tune out anything that has been going on in your life for that week or that month and have 30 minutes of family fun. You see people win, you see people happy, you solve the puzzles [at home], and you’re a part of the show. It’s just a great half-hour of escape and family time.”