'Wheel of Fortune' Moment Husband Wrecks Entire Family Goes Viral: 'I’ve Been Trapped in a Loveless Marriage'

A new Wheel of Fortune moment is going viral, after a contestant just verbally wrecked his entire family, sharing how he's "been trapped in a loveless marriage" for years. The shocking comments came during a recent episode of the syndicated game show while host Pat Sajak was introducing one of the contestants named Blair, who is in "the trucking business." When asked about his personal life, Blair made the surprising "loveless marriage" comment about his wife Kim, also referring to her as an "old battle axe." He went on to say, "she cursed my life with three step-children named Star, R.J., and Ryan. And I have one rotten grandson."

The moment seemed to be a fairly tongue-in-cheek joke, as Blair was smiling as he made the comments, but that has not stopped social media users from going crazy for the hilarious clip.

"My husband and I for years have been saying should we ever find ourself on the set of #WOF we should do the exact opposite of what e wry one else does when speaking about their family! Well this guy made my day," one Twitter user commented.

"I think the funniest part of this is how Pat Sajak seemed to be the most genuinely amused he's been in a while, after all these years of similar intros," another person said.

"Love the brutality of his honesty. First step is admitting, now he can move on," someone else wrote, while a fourth user quipped, "[Laugh out loud], you can tell they have a great family to be able to joke like that."

One Twitter user claiming to be related to Blair commented on the post, explaining, "This is my son's 'pepaw' who he loves very very much... we all understood the joke. My son, his grandson smiled so big when he said it. I love the man like he's my own father and he's the best grandfather he could have. 'S—s great.' "

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Photo Credit: Wheel of Fortune / ABC